Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Cocoanut Groove - Huckleberry

In the northern Swedish town of Umeå, Olov Antonsson has been recording fine pop music since 2007. Under the name Cocoanut Groove he released the album Madeline Street in 2008 which was preceded by the stunningly beautiful single 'End Of The Summer on Bookbinder Road'. He has set his bar high.

His latest release utilizes all that is great and good about self-production. His new single 'Huckleberry' (backed with 'A Saturday In April') is available for free download on the badly named but aesthetically pleasing and fully functioning website Bandcamp.

Consistent with his rich sounding ethereal pop, Huckleberry opens with a classic Harrisonesque guitar figure which serves only to introduce you to a sound that is all his own. The beautifully toned violin, the haunting percussion and harmonica give way to Olov's commanding yet self reflective vocal. Everything about this single is perfect and then the best reverb-laden guitar solo you've ever heard plays you out.

He has described his music as 'Baroque Pop', folk and sunshine pop; all of these things and more; this is just beautiful and timeless pop music.

Download the single from Bandcamp and take a look at his Myspace page too.



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