Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Indietracks Festival 'Preview'

Honestly? I'm not so sure that the Indietracks line-up is particularly exciting this year. It is my absolute favourite festival in the United Kingdom but it's collection, this year, just doesn't grab me. However, that isn't to say that there arent some great bands playing. To my taste, these are the (perhaps rather obviously) ones that you should go and watch if you are headed to Riply this weekend.

The Pains of Being Pure at Heart - slightly over rated power pop band with two, maybe three types of song but are stil very, very good and you will leave their show feeling 15 years old.

The Primitives - because you know one of thier songs and it was a hit and it'd be fun to see them play that...just much older now than when the single was released.

Tender Trap - Brilliant pop band with a rich heritage.

Everybody was in the French Resistance...Now! - Art Brut's lead singer, Eddie Argos (returning to Indietracks again) in his current side-project.

David Tattersall - Lead singer of The Wave Pictures. A master of the delicately poised but cutting quip and a guitar hero (until he solos for too long).

Slow Club - Beautifully, summery, sunny (insert nonsense seasonal/musical comparisons here)

Standard Fare - Genuinely exciting, free of pretension and poise, stringy rock, errr, pop.

White Town - 'That single' plus others. Seems like a nice person.

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