Thursday, June 24, 2010

Something Old: "there's nothing to worry for, things will look after themselves". Stereolab - Ping Pong

Since first hearing this song when I was perhaps, fifteen years old, this song has been constantly relevant. Of course, that is the point; that war and peace and boom and bust perpetuate and are inextricably intertwined. What I love about this song is how the less than subtle lyric is set to a piece of beautiful, swinging pop music that you'd be forgiven for being distracted by, and from the meaning of the song. If you care to listen again, and this time listen more closely, you'll hear that everything is not quite right. We have economic stability and we quickly forget how it came about. A new flat-screen television and 'ipad' and we are happy, oblivious. A pop song that bears repetition and close inspection? Sacrebleu!

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